Cyber landscape at DIA; What it’s like to be Space Force CSO


DIA CTO Ramesh Menon; Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond

Defense Intelligence Agency’s plans to strengthen its network resiliency


DIA CTO, Ramesh Menon discusses how cloud, zero-trust security requirements and data fabrics are redefining the agency’s network modernization priorities.

DIA director sees room for improvement in cyber intelligence and support


The Defense Intelligence Agency is responsible for providing intel on foreign militaries and owning all the intelligence directorates at the combatant commands.

DIA awards spot on $370M workplace analytics contract to Golden Key Group


The contract has a five-year base period with an additional three-year option.

Space Force trying to protect its ‘soft underbelly’


Cyberattacks could threaten on-orbit capabilities and the ground systems that support them.

China, Russia may soon field more capable counterspace weapons, DIA says


The Defense Intelligence Agency released a a new report on challenges to security in space.