DISA expands availability of its mobile management service

by Samantha Ehlinger • 3 months ago

The cost for the service is now $4.31 per device, per month, down from $7.54.

Pentagon wants to move its ‘Acropolis’ to the cloud to fight cyber-adversaries

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

It's like Greece's Acropolis, but for defending against cyberattacks from within the cloud.

DISA slots 14 companies on $7.5B SETI contract

by Samantha Ehlinger • 4 months ago

The SETI contract “is designed for current and future mission requirements, next-generation technological advancements, and disruptive innovation that looks to create paradigm shifts in the ways warfighters interact with DOD's information technology."

Pentagon mulling contract for automated mobile device management on classified networks

by Billy Mitchell • 4 months ago

DISA is searching for exisiting automated provisioning tools to support devices used in the Department of Defense Mobility Classified Capability program.

DISA to roll out revamped security clearance application process

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 5 months ago

Test users say the new eApp is “the most painless experience for a painful form.”

DISA is all about agility, director Norton says

by Billy Mitchell • 5 months ago

The Defense Information Systems Agency is focused on delivering innovative technology to the warfighter as quickly as possible, Vice Adm. Nancy Norton said.

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