Donald Trump

National AI Initiative Office launched by White House

by • 6 days ago

The new office is expected to coordinate research and policymaking across government, industry and academia for years to come.

State Department site accidentally reports premature end to President Trump’s term

by • 1 week ago

Tampering by a disgruntled employee is suspected. Others say it might've been a glitch.

‘It’s not going to be very hard to ID them’: Feds have tools to easily track down Capitol rioters

by and • 1 week ago

The mob that laid a deadly siege on the Capitol left broken doors and glass — and large digital footprints that federal agencies can use to track them down.

GSA Administrator Murphy asks for resignations of political appointees

by • 2 weeks ago

During a virtual townhall, Emily Murphy asked for the resignation of all GSA Schedule C political appointees in response to the politically charged mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol.

2020 in review: AI and quantum see more White House attention

by • 3 weeks ago

Concerns of being outcompeted by China saw the White House push for doubled funding and trustworthy principles.

More attention from Congress could lead to smoother EIS transition

by • 4 weeks ago

Experts are hopeful Congress' recent interest in the EIS transition could give agencies a new urgency to move to the contract and reap the cost-savings benefits.

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