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Lawmakers call for flexibility in hiring cybersecurity pros without 4-year degrees

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

A group of cyber-focused Democrats on Capitol Hill wants agencies to be more flexible in hiring cybersecurity specialists who don't have a completed four-year degree.

Blackboard learning management system now hosted on AWS GovCloud

by Samantha Ehlinger • 3 months ago

A learning system used by the Army, Blackboard Learn, is now available on Amazon Web Services GovCloud, Blackboard announced Monday.

IRS investigating possible breach of data retrieval tool

by Billy Mitchell • 3 months ago

The IRS is investigating how many people may have been affected by "questionable use" of its data retrieval tool.

Intelligence agency’s hackathon casts a net for food security

by Samantha Ehlinger • 3 months ago

Sometimes an intelligence agency has to care about fish transport in Morocco to make progress on delivering technology-driven intelligence.

Digital student-aid form takes a hit as IRS data retrieval tool goes down

by Evan Fallor • 4 months ago

An IRS tool used to upload tax information in the FAFSA is down, leaving some students scrambling as federal aid deadlines approach.

Why the Trump administration should support open data

by Joel Gurin and Katherine Garcia • 7 months ago

President-elect Donald Trump should maintain the commitments that launched with the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government and that have had widespread bipartisan support.