Blockchain pilots gain traction at government agencies

by FedScoop Staff • 2 months ago

Initial tests suggest agencies believe distributed ledgers will strengthen security and improve transaction services.

How centralized key management systems can improve data encryption practices

by FedScoop Staff • 8 months ago

Data encryption experts offer guidelines to agency leaders for assessing the effectiveness of their data encryption practices and how to build a strategy across lines of business.

CIO Dana Deasy sets plan to secure DOD websites

by Billy Mitchell • 10 months ago

DOD has been working to bring trust certificates and encryption across its public domains up to speed with industry standards for the past two to three years, Deasy wrote in a July 20 letter.

Pentagon websites must catch up on HTTPS, Wyden says

by FedScoop Staff • 1 year ago

Wyden wants new DOD CIO Dana Deasy to make it a priority in the next two months to bring lagging Pentagon web page security up to speed.

Justice official pushes Silicon Valley for ‘responsible’ encryption

by FedScoop Staff • 2 years ago

Rod Rosenstein is calling for Silicon Valley to provide an avenue for law enforcement to access encrypted digital evidence that is stored and transferred by private technology companies.

Lawmaker calls out Pentagon for lack of encrypted email

by FedScoop Staff • 2 years ago

A concerned senator from Oregon wrote a letter to the Pentagon's tech acquisition arm wondering why it's failed to implement a basic encryption technology to protect employees’ emails.

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