Special Operations Command trying to prepare for quantum computing threat

by • 1 week ago

Adversaries could have new quantum computing and decryption capabilities by the end of this decade, SOCOM's chief data officer is warning.

Quantum cyber legislation recognizes difficult transition lies ahead

by • 1 month ago

Industry experts say the proposed Quantum Cybersecurity Preparedness Act recognizes the risk of the hack now, decrypt later threats.

Post-quantum cryptography oversight lacking for agencies

by • 7 months ago

Agencies should be given a drop-dead date to submit plans for protecting their most sensitive data says one encryption expert.

USCIS pursuing broader data-sharing agreements with other agencies

by • 8 months ago

Existing agreements are often old and fail to account for agencies' need to repurpose and reuse the data.

DHS releases roadmap to post-quantum cryptography

by • 8 months ago

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says now is the time for agencies to protect their data from advancements in quantum computing.

SOCOM wants to prioritize stronger communications encryption

by • 1 year ago

U.S. Special Operations Command wants to ensure its communications will stay secure now and in the future.