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FCC CIO David Bray to leave government, won’t take NGA role

by Greg Otto • 5 months ago

After recently announcing he was moving to a first-of-its-kind role in government, FCC CIO David Bray has decided to leave the government altogether.

Democratic lawmakers continue FCC cybersecurity probe on alleged DDoS attack

by Billy Mitchell • 7 months ago

The FCC's response to questions from the Senate raises "fundamental questions" about the commission's detection of and response to a recent cyberattack, House lawmakers say.

Technology subcommittee ‘disappointed’ with slow progress in rural broadband

by Michael Bergin • 7 months ago

An outdated map, misleading data, and bills that go nowhere were all sources of frustration for broadband industry representatives and lawmakers at a recent congressional hearing.

FCC announces updates to Mapping Broadband Health initiative

by Ryan Johnston • 7 months ago

The FCC's Connect2Health Task Force announced on June 8 that their Mapping Broadband Health in America Platform will be updated to reflect new data.

Senators ask FBI to investigate reported DDoS attack on FCC

by Billy Mitchell • 8 months ago

A groups of five senators wants the FBI to brief them on the matter by June 23.

National Blue Alert Network for police will borrow concept from AMBER Alerts

by Ryan Johnston • 8 months ago

The Department of Justice and other Cabinet-level agencies will support a rapid-alert system for potential threats to law enforcement officers.