Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA)

Clare Martorana says FITARA scorecard should retain CIO reporting relationship metric


The scorecard currently includes a "CIO direct reporting" component, which assesses how much real authority each agency gives to their top IT leader.

FITARA has helped agencies save $24.8B on federal IT projects: GAO leader


Carol Harris says about 82% of federal government IT projects are now being developed using best practices set out in the FITARA scorecard.

GSA gauging which agencies will extend network, telecom services on legacy contracts


The departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Justice and the Government Accountability Office are likely candidates given outstanding task orders.

What to expect in FITARA 14; Collaboration for zero trust success; Using the OMB learning agenda to support the PMA


On the latest episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, former DHS CIO Richard Spires on what key areas should be included in the next FITARA Scorecard, Guidehouse’s Donna Roy discusses collaboration between the Federal CDO and Federal CISO Councils and more on how OMB will use their learning agenda to identify research that will support the Biden-Harris PMA.

Dunkin: DOE’s cybersecurity posture ‘stronger’ than D grade reflects


The CIO responded to criticism her department's priorities aren't in order and leave it vulnerable to attack.

FITARA 14.0 scorecard will feature a revised methodology


Recent executive orders on cybersecurity and customer experience give the opportunity to revamp the scorecard.