FDIC embraces ‘micro-perimeters’ in pursuit of zero trust

by Dave Nyczepir • 2 weeks ago

FDIC is among the agencies shrinking its security perimeter in order to open up its network for local offices.

DOD streamlines cloud authorizations, as promised

by Dave Nyczepir • 1 month ago

Providers with provisional authorities to operate through FedRAMP no longer need to jump through additional hoops to store unclassified DOD information.

Spending transparency tools are now available to agencies under IT Schedule 70

by Dave Nyczepir • 1 month ago

GSA and OMB announced that agencies can acquire Technology Business Management tools and services under the streamlined process.

Gerry Connolly introduces bill to codify, streamline FedRAMP

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

The Government Operations Subcommittee chairman says he wants to "get FedRAMP back to its original purpose."

Report: CFPB should assess risks to cloud systems before their deployment

by Dave Nyczepir • 2 months ago

The system went unnamed in the Federal Reserve OIG's evaluation, but it supports the bureau's Consumer Response Call Center.

CIOs call for automated, risk-based FedRAMP authorizations

by Dave Nyczepir • 2 months ago

Cloud service providers hope the approach will save them time and money.

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