HHS unit wants insurance fraud-detection platform largely unsupervised

by • 2 weeks ago

The currently supervised ML platform is able to identify suspicious behavior on the part of insurance agents and brokers.

How Arizona saved $40 billion in payouts on fraudulent unemployment claims

by • 2 months ago

A new report looks at how states like Arizona are adopting modern identity verification tools to save billions in fraud and provide benefits to eligible claimants.

Missing E-Tran controls saw SBA issue $692M in duplicate pandemic relief loans

by • 7 months ago

Proper screening could catch such errors, as well as fraud the agency is instead investigating after the fact.

Identity corroboration methods key to reducing fraud, report says

by • 2 years ago

Traditional methods for corroborating identity are increasingly compromised due to continued breaches of personal data and require a broader approach, a Gartner report says.

IRS warns against new phishing scams for 2019 tax season

by • 3 years ago

With several massive data breaches last year, the IRS says the taxpayers and preparers should be extra vigilant as criminals could use information obtained in those breaches to fuel a tax scam.

New MITRE challenge takes on improper federal payments

by • 3 years ago

The company is hoping a simple solution can solve a big, costly problem.