Hondo Geurts

Former Navy acquisition leader joins robotics company Sarcos


Hondo Geurts also serves on the board of the Silicon Valley Defense Group.

How the Navy beat its own timeline for its largest cloud migration


The Navy's EPR office expected to migrate its data to the cloud in 18 months, a timeline that was too long for leadership. Here's how it did it in less than half the time.

Navy launches more ‘Tech Bridges’ to increase collaboration on technology


The Navy is doubling the number of "Tech Bridge" offices around the country from six to 12.

Navy to divide PEO EIS into two new offices for enterprise IT acquisitions


One office will be for just for digital and IT acquisitions, and another will be for "manpower, logistics and business solutions" applications.

Navy opens up $30M in small business tech funding to stabilize supply chain


The Navy plans to spend more than $250 million in the next 90 days with small businesses that provide the department advanced technology.

Navy using real-time tracking system to stay ahead of coronavirus supply chain risks


The Navy is overlaying real-time data of the coronavirus's spread and resulting lockdowns on its supply chain management technology to monitor its acquisitions.