Pentagon to establish new security standards for 5G technology

by • 4 months ago

The new security regime is being developed in collaboration with the department's CIO and will focus on supply chain security.

Lawmakers reintroduce bill to finance 5G projects in 22 European countries

by • 4 months ago

The legislation aims to rid potentially compromised equipment from networks in Central and Eastern Europe.

DOD expanding 5G testing, partnerships with new software competition

by • 8 months ago

A new competition the DOD is working on will broaden its work in partnering with the private sector to make new 5G technologies.

Sen. Warner: Pentagon tech spending should be ‘reexamined’ post-COVID

by • 10 months ago

Defense funding will likely be curtailed to address federal deficit increases, at a time when when investments in cybersecurity and 5G are needed to compete with China, the Virginia senator said.

CISA’s Krebs: The US will win 5G race because ‘we own the cloud space’

by • 11 months ago

"Really, when you think about the advantage of 5G, it's all about moving data ... which really translates to cloud," the CISA director says. "And who does cloud better than the United States of America?"

DOD awards largest group of 5G testbed contracts to date

by • 11 months ago

Bases in San Diego, Washington state, Georgia and elsewhere will see new tech designed to help logistics and communications networks, among other things.