New Army intel unit having big impact on recently established ‘triad’


The Army's Cyber Military Intelligence Group is providing important insights for a new triad between Army Cyber Command, Army Space and Missile Defense Command and Army Special Operations Command.

Next phase of Army’s HADES aerial intelligence project expected this summer


It is part of the department's High Accuracy Detection and Exploitation System program to modernize threat detection systems.

New Marine Corps information command seeks to better link theater forces to the joint force


The recently announced Marine Corps Information Command aims to help coordinate theater forces and capabilities with the joint force.

Intel disclosures becoming ‘instrument of power’ to ‘throw adversaries off their game’


The recent trend of disclosing intelligence can help to disrupt potential adversary activities and make them think twice, according to a Cyber Command official.

Intelligence community navigating role of alerting public through information disclosures


The intelligence community is working to better inform the public of disinformation and malicious efforts by declassifying information and working with open source material.

Postal inspectors’ digital intelligence team sometimes acted outside of legal authorities, report says


USPS's internet analytics team occasionally used open-source intelligence tools beyond postal inspectors' law enforcement authorities, according to a watchdog.