John Owens

USPTO selects contracting executive for CIO


Henry “Jamie” Holcombe will assume the CIO position at the Patent and Trademark Office.

Job hunting? USPTO is seeking its next CIO


The agency wants "an inspirational leader" to fill the role John Owens left open in November.

Former USPTO CIO Owens lands at CGI


Owens will take over as vice president of the solutions development group within CGI Federal's emerging technology practice.

John Owens retires from CIO post at USPTO


Owens has filled the role for nearly 10 years.

John Owens’ advice to other agency CIOs: learn to live within government constraints and embrace failure


"Any CIO who tells you that they don't have a failed project is probably not challenging themselves."

USPTO CIO John Owens on federal IT modernization


Sponsored video: USPTO's John Owens discusses ways to accelerate IT modernization in government as part of the IT Modernization Heroes series, sponsored by Dell and Intel.