Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)

The Army working on a battlefield AI ‘teammate’ for soldiers

by Jackson Barnett • 3 weeks ago

The Army is bringing AI to the battlefield with a new system developed to improve threat-detection through computer vision and other real-time data analysis.

JAIC leader Lt. Gen. Shanahan retiring this summer

by Jackson Barnett • 4 weeks ago

Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan will retire from the Air Force this summer. 2020 was going to be a "breakout" year for the young AI center, he previously said.

JAIC launches survey to probe public-private partnerships

by Jackson Barnett • 1 month ago

The survey, which will be conducted by the RAND Corp., will be used as a "sensing tool" to learn about ways the DOD can partner with private companies on AI.

Pentagon’s JAIC needs industry help for humanitarian assistance, disaster relief

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

The DOD wants industry's help building a platform that makes it so "human-resources are not required to constantly watch the sensor, but they can be cued to respond when something of interest is identified."

2019 in review: Agencies embrace RPA — AI less so

by Dave Nyczepir • 2 months ago

Trust in data is an issue implementing AI, but agencies overcame hurdles credentialing bots.

Final version of NDAA provides air cover for JEDI, MilCloud 2.0

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

Authorization to fund the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, however, is trending in a different direction.

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