Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC)

DIU announces disaster-mapping AI challenge

by Jackson Barnett • 1 week ago

The DIU's second AI challenge, xVIEW2, seeks AI solutions for post-disaster mapping.

Tests of wildfire-tracking AI are just months away, JAIC says

by Jackson Barnett • 1 week ago

The goal is to produce hourly updates to crews instead of the daily wildfire maps that are the current standard.

DOD’s Deasy sets record straight: JEDI has not been ‘paused’

by Billy Mitchell • 2 weeks ago

That said, an award won't happen in August, the CIO clarified.

Does the US need an economic threat monitoring center?

by Jackson Barnett • 3 weeks ago

A former intelligence community technology leader thinks so.

DOD unveils digital modernization strategy with familiar themes for upgrading IT

by Jackson Barnett • 1 month ago

Another DOD strategy reiterates similar points the Pentagon has been echoing for years: the department needs to be digital, and in a big way.

DOD’s artificial intelligence center wants pitches from industry this fall

by Jackson Barnett • 2 months ago

The JAIC is particularly interested in autonomous cyberdefense; user activity monitoring and attribution; social media and dark web analysis; DevOps; network mapping; and data engineering.

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