law enforcement

Cryptocurrencies compound federal efforts to curb federal fraud


FBI, Secret Service, USCIS and National Security Council officials describe the unprecedented scale of federal financial fraud, and data tactics to prosecute it.

Postal inspectors’ digital intelligence team sometimes acted outside of legal authorities, report says


USPS's internet analytics team occasionally used open-source intelligence tools beyond postal inspectors' law enforcement authorities, according to a watchdog.

ODNI launches counterterrorism app for first responders


The application is designed to deliver mission-critical notifications about terrorist incidents.

Accelerating forensics investigations by leveraging AWS GovCloud


A former FBI investigator’s perspective on how AWS is helping federal agencies solve four chronic challenges in managing forensic evidence.

DOJ clears use of body-worn cameras on its state and local task forces


Deputized officers may use the technology to record specific operations contingent upon their state or local agency's policies.

Tech companies’ facial recognition bans unlikely to affect federal agencies


The missions of the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, and Transportation Security Administration are broader than that of police, and the market is far bigger than a few companies.