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Protected: Zero trust: Reputation means nothing anymore

by • 7 hours ago

Agency mission depends on modern, zero-trust security for the workforce, workplace and workloads.

Protected: 7 security practices that enable mission outcomes

by and • 7 hours ago

Cisco’s Steve Caimi and Peter Romness uncover critical findings from a recent survey of nearly 5,000 IT, security and privacy leaders analyzing the best security programs.

Gen. Murray makes pitch to stay the course on Army modernization

by • 8 hours ago

The Army modernization started under the Trump administration will continue — if the Army gets its way.

HHS seeks formal approval for emergency COVID-19 portal

by • 9 hours ago

The HHS Teletracking COVID-19 Portal was introduced in July as a way for about 5,500 hospitals to directly report requested data on the virus.

Data management platforms play vital role in future of government work

by • 9 hours ago

Modernized data systems enable higher value work, but also can make a difference in recruiting and retaining IT workers.

Air Force builds digital twin for weapons with ABMS

by • 11 hours ago

The Air Force is using ABMS to help build digital twins, a move that pairs two top emerging technology priorities.

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