machine learning

General Services Administration will use AI to monitor AI

by • 11 hours ago

A command center-like Evolve Wall will soon display the life cycle of the agency's ongoing emerging technology deployments.

The Army looks to pave way for autonomous vehicles with new AI research

by • 2 weeks ago

New research in reinforcement learning systems could help the Army make better use of its data and training of robots in battle.

Expect SOCOM to be at the spearhead of AI testing in DOD

by • 1 month ago

Special operators have the ability and authorities to more easily test new artificial intelligence use cases.

DIU awards Army contract to advance RPA using machine learning

by • 2 months ago

DIU awarded a contract for a machine learning platform. There could be big lessons learned from it.

GSA challenge found industry machine-learning models can make do with limited training data

by • 2 months ago

Techniques like transfer learning have come a long way and were used to fine-tune models so they could read end-user license agreements.

NOAA exploring artificial intelligence pilots with Google Cloud

by • 3 months ago

While specific pilots haven't been announced, the series will be designed to give agency employees hands-on training with emerging tech.

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