National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office

Outgoing White House AI chief: ‘I’m hoping that my legacy is showing how to lead in the development of nonpartisan science’


Lynne Parker explains her focus on finding nonpartisan solutions to reduce potential harms of AI and establishing principled guardrails for the new technology during her time leading the National Artificial Intelligence Office.

White House Deputy CTO and National AI Director Lynne Parker to step down


It is not clear yet who will replace Parker within the White House's AI office.

Commerce establishes National AI Advisory Committee


The new advisory panel will issue recommendations on a range of issues including U.S. AI competitiveness.

The federal government gets a central AI website in


The website is part of the government's push to increase transparency around every agencies' work with cognitive technologies and develop trustworthy AI, where people believe in the reliability of the algorithms involved.

National AI Initiative Office launched by White House


The new office is expected to coordinate research and policymaking across government, industry and academia for years to come.