National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR)

Outgoing White House AI chief: ‘I’m hoping that my legacy is showing how to lead in the development of nonpartisan science’


Lynne Parker explains her focus on finding nonpartisan solutions to reduce potential harms of AI and establishing principled guardrails for the new technology during her time leading the National Artificial Intelligence Office.

Task force shares its preliminary vision for a National AI Research Resource


The body recommends the resource be a federated cyberinfrastructure ecosystem accessed via a portal and run by a nongovernmental management entity and advisory bodies.

National AI Research Resource must balance the value of its data with privacy


The large number of parties expected to have access increases the risk data could be used to triangulate personally identifiable information.

Lawmakers want task force designing national AI resource staffed with experts


Signatories to a letter sent Tuesday also recommended adding the right to access research resources to a forthcoming AI Bill of Rights.

2021 in review: Oversight questions loom over federal AI efforts


Federal oversight of artificial intelligence systems continues to lag behind government development and use, experts say.

Big Tech promotes multi-cloud model to democratize access to NAIRR


Representatives of Google and IBM say a hybrid cloud approach would democratize access to the National AI Research Resource.