National Security Agency

Energy Department reveals blueprint for nationwide quantum internet

by • 2 weeks ago

The 17 National Laboratories will form the basis of a system for secure communication using quantum mechanics, expected within a decade.

DOD’s red team hackers struggle sharing vulnerabilities with military

by • 5 months ago

The DOD's own red team hackers need to share the vulnerabilities they uncover with the military, among other issues, a new DOD IG report found.

NSA chief information officer role remains ‘ambiguous’

by • 7 months ago

Failure to clarify the CIO position's authorities and responsibilities means the agency might not be getting the most out of its IT, according to the latest audit of the spy agency.

Department of Energy closely watching DOD’s JEDI implementation

by • 9 months ago

DOE is watching to see how DOD's JEDI may change the way the two interact when sharing information.

IC leaders want AI to be your coworker, not your replacement

by • 2 years ago

Intelligence leaders want analysts to see AI as a "powerful sidecar," but its adoption is not without its hurdles.

Nakasone: U.S. adversaries have no fear of reprisal for cyberattacks

by • 2 years ago

Paul Nakasone told senators at a congressional hearing Thursday that he doesn’t believe U.S. adversaries in cyberspace fear any repercussions for conducting hacking campaigns and cyber-espionage.

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