Okta 2021

Zero trust, identity management and DOD network security strategies

by • 1 month ago

How modern identity management tools help Department of Defense organizations manage their extended enterprise — extending strong authentication to cloud networks.

New industry partnership promises to strengthen authentication security

by • 4 months ago

How a joint effort between Okta and AWS offers agencies a more secure approach to managing identity and access on a cloud-based platform.

Improve data security and interoperability for public health agencies

by • 4 months ago

How modern identity and access solutions can help public health organizations improve patient care and health data interoperability.

Stronger security and access controls with a new industry partnership

by • 5 months ago

A recent Okta and AWS partnership brings a FedRAMP-approved identity solution to the cloud. Cloud security experts share the benefits of this SaaS platform in a new podcast.

Tools to help federal agencies move to the cloud

by • 6 months ago

With new demands and new technology pushing agencies to adopt cloud services, identity and access tools are key to ensure compatibility, security and data protection.

The public sector’s path to modern customer identity and access management

by • 6 months ago

To meet the expectations of users, reduce development time and eliminate potential security gaps, identity is key.