NASA seeks cybersecurity and privacy enterprise support

by • 5 months ago

The agency requested proposals for a nine-year, single-award contract covering all its centers and facilities.

DHS’s forthcoming biometrics system presents unmitigated privacy risks

by • 2 years ago

Iris and facial recognition services that the Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology system will provide could be thwarted by deepfakes.

An unprecedented wave of personal data could be heading to federal agencies

by • 2 years ago

Under the national coronavirus emergency, companies don't need much permission to give up people's data to the federal government. Privacy advocates are concerned with how agencies will gather, store and utilize it.

Census official touts impact of now-live 2020 online response

by • 2 years ago

The decision to bring the 2020 census online came with huge challenges in recent years, but the bureau anticipates it will have an immense impact on developing a more accurate and complete count of Americans.

Probe of sexually explicit photos calls Bureau of Prisons’ device policy into question

by • 2 years ago

Two employees claimed privacy protections over the content of their 'personal containers' on their BOP-issued mobile devices during Office of the Inspector General investigations.

GAO: Congress’ ‘secure’ system for discrimination and harassment claims wasn’t that secure

by • 2 years ago

Security controls "needed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system were not fully tested before the system was deployed," GAO says about SOCRATES.