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Army prioritizing data as it revamps for large-scale ops at the division level

by • 3 days ago

Army leaders are looking at how to reduce complexity and ensure the right data gets to the right personnel at the time of need.

NIST’s cyber mission; Army’s commercial cloud push to the edge

by • 4 weeks ago

Highlights from VMware’s Public Sector Innovation Summit with Army CIO Raj Iyer and NIST’s Kevin Stine.

Army CISO Easley departs for role at the Pentagon

by • 3 months ago

Maj. Gen. Matt Easley has taken a role as the deputy principal information operations advisor to the secretary of defense.

After calls to ‘fix our computers,’ military CIOs pledge to get it right

by • 4 months ago

Top CIOs say they "have taken the dialogue around the need to 'fix our computers' at DoD to heart."

Army working to deploy first OCONUS cloud system in the Indo-Pacific

by • 4 months ago

The Army is building a hybrid cloud that uses both on-premise data centers and commercial cloud services to operate outside the continental U.S, or OCONUS, said CIO Raj Iyer.

Log4J flaw causing Army to take second look at open source software

by • 4 months ago

Army CIO Raj Iyer says the department is putting "extra effort" into cybersecurity following discovery of the vulnerability last year.