Red Hat

Adopting agile mindsets can help agencies ace their FITARA scorecards

by • 7 months ago

In this contributed op-ed, Red Hat's David Egts explains how agencies can develop core agile principles to make their modernization efforts worthy of an “A” grade.

Leaders share how agencies bring agility into application development

by • 9 months ago

Agency IT leaders in a new video series discuss examples of how open source and cloud-based applications are helping them deliver updates at greater speeds.

Red Hat IT director on the benefits of agile integration to speed up development

by • 9 months ago

Eamon McCormick says that using a three-pillar approach to integration gives agencies more flexibility to modify the backend without disrupting a consumer’s experience.

Dynatrace IT leader on how container tech helps agencies serve citizens during crisis

by • 9 months ago

Dynatrace’s Marci Acquaviva shares how during the Woolsey fire one agency was able to scale up its server to respond to immediate constituent traffic demands.

Red Hat’s chief architect on the importance of integration between cloud services

by • 9 months ago

Red Hat’s Adam Clater shares how with the increase in cloud services, agencies should look to middleware to ensure integration between services and back to the data center.

IT exec on challenges that keep agencies from building agility in development

by • 10 months ago

Vizuri’s Joe Dickman says cloud-native software lets IT develop applications in smaller cycles, but agencies need improved knowledge management to facilitate more agility.

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