Rick Driggers

DHS’s Rick Driggers: Tech is going to continue to evolve

by Billy Mitchell • 4 months ago

Driggers caught up with FedScoop at FedTalks 2019.

DHS official calls for better info-sharing with state and local governments

by Benjamin Freed • 4 months ago

While federal agencies are getting better at working with state and local authorities, they face an ongoing challenge of staying ahead of an evolving threat landscape, said DHS's Rick Driggers.

DHS’s Rick Driggers talks threat intelligence and more

by FedScoop Staff • 1 year ago

Driggers talks about the importance of sharing threat intelligence and more.

Should developing cybersecurity talent be the next public-private partnership?

by Carten Cordell • 1 year ago

As DHS extends its outreach to the private sector to foster more threat intelligence sharing, it’s also conscious of the high demand for cyber talent.

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