robotic process automation (RPA)

Reducing workforce and budget constraints with RPA tools

by • 3 weeks ago

Agencies seeking to reduce costs and improve time management should consider robotic process automation, say government leaders.

VA looks to RPA to speed up digitization of its health records

by • 2 months ago

The VA is in search of a managed RPA tool to "streamline the flow of external clinical document sets" into its EHR systems.

With a pandemic and hurricane season crushing FEMA, the agency could use some bots

by • 3 months ago

FEMA could use some help from bots as it tries to respond to many crisis, both internal and external.

AI for everybody: JAIC unveils more initiatives to DOD bolster business systems

by • 4 months ago

The JAIC released six new lines of effort that fall under its business transformation initiative to help reform the DOD's back-office tasks.

DIU seeks one form of automation (ML) than can help another (RPA)

by • 4 months ago

DIU wants machine learning to expand the DOD's use of Robotic Process Automation to detect fraud and abuse in finical systems.

GSA’s coronavirus bot shows how RPA can supplement pandemic response

by • 6 months ago

The agency needed to process a lot of data about infection counts in areas where it runs federal buildings. Robotic process automation (RPA) cut down a lot of repetitive, manual work that humans were doing.

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