Safe harbor

U.S., E.U. officials: ‘Time to act’ on Safe Harbor agreement

by • 6 years ago

Both U.S. and European officials said Tuesday that while negotiations over a new Safe Harbor agreement have been productive, time is running short to formally finalize an accord before European data privacy regulators decide to take action against U.S. companies.

E.U.: New Safe Harbor deal will be done by deadline

by • 7 years ago

The United States and the European Union have made significant progress in crafting new regulations for commercial data transfers between American and European businesses, a senior European official said Monday.

Asia trade deal impacts cybersecurity, telecoms and open Internet policy

by • 7 years ago

In the final draft of the document, three chapters are dedicated to issues pressing the tech world.

US and EU get deadline for new Safe Harbor agreement

by • 7 years ago

​The United States and European Union have until January to hammer out a new agreement that will allow for the legal transmission of personal data between the two continents, the European Commission’s data privacy group said Friday.