Silicon Valley

Lawmakers introduce bill to create federal rotational program for cyber experts

by • 3 weeks ago

The proposed legislation will next move to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform for scrutiny.

Tech companies write to Biden administration pushing commercial tech preference

by and • 3 weeks ago

Salesforce, Palantir, Splunk and DataRobot are calling for federal agencies to follow commercial existing preference regulations.

DIU is making an Uber-like app for talent management in DOD

by • 1 month ago

DIU said the app will link service members with specialized skills in reserve and guard components to projects that they can quickly advance.

Tech workers don’t hate the military that much — most don’t even really care

by • 7 months ago

A new study deals a blow to the narrative that Silicon Valley doesn't want to work with the Military.

How a small AI company found a way to scale its work for DOD

by • 8 months ago

Shield AI, an artificial intelligence startup focused on military work, has found a tried-and-true way to scale its work with the DOD.

Victoria Coleman named DARPA director

by • 10 months ago

Coleman brings more than three decades of experience in government, academia and the private sector, working in leadership roles at companies like Atlas AI, Yahoo!, Nokia, Samsung and Intel Corp.