Social Media

DHS sued over social media surveillance of visa holders

by • 10 months ago

Naturalization attempts may have been denied based on posts from applicants' social media connections.

DARPA is looking for underground tunnels and Twitter has questions

by • 2 years ago

The agency went viral on Wednesday. Here's what those underground tunnels are all about.

Census Bureau hopes Siri and Alexa can help it reach hard-to-count populations

by • 2 years ago

The agency is teaming up with digital assistant companies to build custom 2020-related integrations.

It’s OK for government to joke around on social media sometimes, comms leaders say

by • 3 years ago

Social media is a place where agencies can engage "as real people" and show empathy.

The CIA is going to launch an Instagram account

by • 3 years ago

Director Gina Haspel spoke about her agency's attempts to be "as open as we can be" during an appearance at Auburn University on Thursday.

State Dept. IG reprimands ambassadors over use of personal Twitter accounts

by • 3 years ago

It's not all their fault, though — department policies to distinguish between personal and professional aren't super clear.