IT modernization is a $2B top priority for IRS

by • 3 years ago

Underscoring the need to modernize IRS's IT is also a critical need to hire tech and cybersecurity specialists.

The IRS wants to meet young people where they are, which is on Instagram

by • 3 years ago

But can the tax agency compete with some of the federal government's best social feeds?

Here’s what happened when the IRS’s electronic filing system crashed on Tax Day

by • 4 years ago

It was all preventable, a new inspector general report finds.

IRS electronic tax filing system crashes hours from tax day deadline

by • 4 years ago

So far, there is very little information on the full extent of the failure.

As tax day nears, IRS commissioner says taxpayer security is ‘highest priority’

by • 5 years ago

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wants Americans to know as they cram to file their tax forms before the mid-April deadline, the security of their information is top-of-mind.

House lawmakers draft ‘innovation box’ bill to stimulate domestic tech

by • 7 years ago

The draft bill, which legislators hope will bring multinational business back to the U.S., was released Wednesday.