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Patent office may have paid examiners $18M for hours they didn’t work — IG

by Whitney Blair Wyckoff • 1 year ago

Though, investigators found that full-time teleworkers clocked in less “unsupported” time per day after the agency launched a new policy for staff who work remotely.

Inside the remote student internship program solving government problems

by Samantha Ehlinger • 2 years ago

Even students are teleworking for the U.S. government, through a State Department-led internship program where students can create data visualizations for embassies around the world, or design apps for the General Services Administration — all from their dorm rooms. This year the program — called the Virtual Student Foreign Service — is helping to coordinate remote internships for more than 30 agencies. Agencies are using interns, who will usually work 10 hours a week, from all over the U.S. to complete projects for them over the span of an academic year. FedScoop sat down with two people instrumental in making the Virtual Student Foreign Service run, and spoke with two former virtual interns, to talk about how the program has grown over the years, what has been accomplished through the initiative so far and just how strange is it really to never meet up in person.

Audit: More data needed to prove teleworking benefits

by Samantha Ehlinger • 2 years ago

The Office of Personnel Management needs to get agencies to report more data on the benefits and costs of their telework programs, according to a watchdog report​. Agencies have been reporting less and less data on their cost savings from teleworking — and a Government Accountability Office report released Monday says this could hinder Congress’s ability to oversee telework.

Privacy concerns threaten emergency response bill

by Jeremy Snow • 2 years ago

Born of tragedy, the Kelsey Smith Act is supposed to help emergency responders find missing people. But many advocacy groups fear that the bill could raise serious privacy issues.

DARPA unveils new contest to minimize spectrum use

by Jeremy Snow • 2 years ago

The three-year contest begins in 2017 and will challenge industry to find ways of making more efficient use of limited spectrum.

GSA tops telework totals through snow closure

by Billy Mitchell • 2 years ago

Snow days may have cost the federal government upward of $86 million in productivity​ per day that agencies in the Washington, D.C., and northeast region were closed earlier this week, according to one research firm. But that's no fault of the General Services Administration.