Former Obama administration tech policy leader joins White House OSTP


Alexander Macgillivray says his top priority is to grow the team of technologists working at OSTP.

Maria Roat: Agencies must keep emerging tech in mind as they modernize security


Quantum computing, in particular, should be accounted for as agencies build zero-trust security architectures, said the deputy Federal CIO.

DARPA is looking for underground tunnels and Twitter has questions


The agency went viral on Wednesday. Here's what those underground tunnels are all about.

It’s OK for government to joke around on social media sometimes, comms leaders say


Social media is a place where agencies can engage "as real people" and show empathy.

State Dept. IG reprimands ambassadors over use of personal Twitter accounts


It's not all their fault, though — department policies to distinguish between personal and professional aren't super clear.

Winner of DHS’s Hidden Signals challenge uses Twitter to predict biothreats


Pandemic Pulse pulls information from the social media platform as well as several other public data sources.