U.S. Digital Service

Technologist Waldo Jaquith joins GSA as senior adviser to Carnahan

by • 1 month ago

Waldo Jaquith previously launched the State Software Collaborative with Carnahan at Georgetown's Beeck Center.

Federal CDO Council preparing 10 data science training program use cases

by • 6 months ago

The use cases are intended to help other agencies bolster their data workforces.

Matt Cutts to depart as USDS administrator

by • 6 months ago

In his five years there, the government services modernization team grew to 180 people and is looking to scale again as he leaves.

GSA planning to lend tech, acquisition expertise to support scaling TMF

by • 6 months ago

Personnel from the Centers of Excellence and Presidential Innovation Fellows program may be tapped for project evaluation improvements after the TMF received $1 billion for pressing modernization projects.

Tech industry requests TMF process updates to fast-track COVID-19 and SolarWinds recovery projects

by • 7 months ago

Projects should be proactively funded and repayment requirements for agencies loosened, according to a letter from 10 tech associations.

DDS 2.0: The Pentagon digital team’s journey from startup to full-fledged firefighter

by • 7 months ago

The DDS of today is not the one it was when it started in 2015. Its current leaders explore the evolution of the team in recent years.