Air Force sees opportunities to scale production of drones, software for wars of attrition


There has long been concern about the ability to replace equipment losses during a large-scale conventional war. A senior Air Force official believes autonomous systems and software could be part of the solution.

L3Harris reveals delivery timeline for VAMPIRE systems for Ukraine


The Vehicle-Agnostic Modular Palletized ISR Rocket Equipment (VAMPIRE) technology was part of a broader $3 billion military aid package announced by the Biden administration earlier this week.

New $3B US military aid package for Ukraine includes VAMPIRE counter-drone systems


The biggest single tranche of Ukraine security assistance that the United States has announced to date will include counter-UAS systems and a slew of other weapons.

US to provide ScanEagle drones to Ukraine´┐╝


The long-endurance unmanned aerial system could be used to locate and target Russian forces.

Army lesson from Ukraine war: cyber, EW capabilities not decisive on their own


The Army has observed from operations in Ukraine that cyber and electronic warfare alone aren't enough to be decisive in conflict.

New $1B arms package for Ukraine includes munitions that can shoot down cruise missiles, drones


A new $1 billion security assistance package for Ukraine, includes missiles for the NASAMS system.