SSA awards Verizon $44M unified communication platform contract

by • 1 week ago

Verizon will converge three legacy systems to improve customer experience.

Why the economic pendulum is swinging in favor of managed services

by • 2 weeks ago

Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report pegs managed services as key factor for making big reductions in threat-discovery time and augmenting workforce.

Security concerns have agencies reaching a tipping point toward managed services

by • 3 weeks ago

The breadth of IT and cybersecurity challenges, along with a critical shortage of talent, make managed and professional services a compelling option for federal IT departments.

Why professional and managed security services make increasing economic sense for the public sector

by • 4 weeks ago

The growing complexity of IT systems and a shortage of talent make managed and professional services a smart choice for enterprise IT operations.

Labor awards $805.9M in EIS task orders for modernizing telecom

by • 4 weeks ago

The department wrapped up its large procurements shortly after the Department of the Interior.

HHS’s sweeping $2.5B EIS contract could be a model for other agencies’ telecom transitions

by • 2 months ago

The department consolidated 11 information technology and telecommunications contracts into one in what will likely be the single, largest EIS procurement.

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