White House

Biden administration appoints six policy experts to lead CHIPS Act implementation


Ronnie Chatterji will serve as White House Coordinator for CHIPS implementation at the National Economic Council.

White House publishes final President’s Management Agenda learning roadmap


Agency IT leaders will use the management agenda to help determine key strategic priorities.

Why the US government will require software vendors to certify the security of their products


A new White House memo on software supply chain security goes some way to addressing tech industry concerns about the use of third-party cybersecurity assessors.

Industry groups criticize ‘vague’ software supply chain amendment to House NDAA


Four tech trade bodies warn that the legislation could impose duplicative requirements on software vendors.

CISA to develop ‘self-attestation’ cybersecurity standards for federal software vendors 


The agency will create a standardized form for U.S. departments to collect proof that vendors comply with NIST standards.

White House cyber memo compels vendors to attest software meets security standards


Federal agencies will have 120 days to develop a consistent process for collecting cybersecurity assurance from software providers.