Wireless Networks

Wanted: Contractor to provide government Wi-Fi network at Burning Man

by Tajha Chappellet-Lanier • 1 year ago

Yes, that Burning Man.

FirstNet opens $30M grant for broadband apps and innovations

by Colin Wood • 2 years ago

The federal agency wants to harness ideas from academia, nonprofits and the private sector to enhance communications for first responders.

FCC approves rules that lay the groundwork for 5G

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

The Federal Trade Commission took a major step Thursday towards the future of wireless networks by approving the Spectrum Frontiers proposal –a new ruling that will open up a massive amount of spectrum space for both federal and non-federal organizations.

Federal wireless spending hits 5-year low — report

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

Federal wireless spending reached a five-year low in 2015 thanks to streamlined procurement policies, according to a new survey released last week.

FCC proposes new spectrum opportunities for feds alongside massive increase

by Jeremy Snow • 3 years ago

The FCC proposal would open up a specific area on the spectrum band for federal and non-federal organizations to share.

Navy, Marines seek tech to deal with spectrum squeeze

by Billy Mitchell • 3 years ago

The Department of Navy and Marine Corps CIOs lobbied for new technologies to make the most of their wireless systems in an overcrowded and constrained spectrum environment.

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