Pentagon further restricts building access, boosting telework demand, after contractor dies

by Jackson Barnett • 1 week ago

The Pentagon raised its in-person workforce restrictions to its second highest-level, HPCON-C, increasing the number of employees that will need teleworking to some degree.

New funds for telework, IT support are part of OMB’s coronavirus response request

by Jackson Barnett • 2 weeks ago

Several agencies need tens of millions more in supplemental funding for teleworking technology, a letter from OMB shows.

DOD networks, under ‘unprecedented’ strain, are more vulnerable to attacks, official says

by Jackson Barnett • 2 weeks ago

"With the increase in telework capability comes an increase in attack surface for our adversaries,” says Essye Miller of the CIO's office. "They are already taking advantage of the situation."

Agencies urged to make telework available to most employees during coronavirus spread

by Dave Nyczepir • 2 weeks ago

The Office of Management and Budget issued the memo to "safeguard the health and safety" of the federal workforce.

Federal CIO Kent announces jobs tailored to cyber reskilling graduates

by Billy Mitchell • 3 weeks ago

So far, there are roles listed at the Department of Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Navy releases education strategy with focus on tech

by Jackson Barnett • 4 weeks ago

The Navy wants to improve sailors' and Marines' understand of the technologies that they and U.S. adversaries will be using now and in the future.

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