zero trust

Secret Service needs to make key improvements to zero trust effort says watchdog


GAO says the agency should adopt IPv6 for its public-facing systems and update its zero-trust architecture implementation plans.

How agencies are moving zero trust from aspiration to transformation


U.S. federal agency executives share their strategies for prioritizing steps to implement zero trust and establish comprehensive security protections.

Google to offer Workspace as backup solution for govt entities in case they get hacked


The new solution is intended to support agencies that are hit with a cyber breach while using a competing tech company's products.

Optimizing zero-trust investments at FDIC


Zero Trust Program Manager Stephen Haselhorst on how agencies can reshape current investments to be more effective in establishing a zero-trust strategy.

Mapping the zero-trust journey at DOE


Energy Department’s Senior Cybersecurity Adviser Amy Hamilton calls multifactor authentication and encryption top priority.

CISA releases Microsoft 365 security configuration baselines for pilots, public comment


A series of Google Workspace baselines are expected within months as part of the SCuBA project to protect sensitive information.