ACLU wants Secret Service and Coast Guard records included in its phone tracking suit

The civil liberties group wants to avoid unnecessary delays as it seeks information on DHS agencies' warrantless use of cellphone location data.

tech news

US, Albania agree to develop secure 5G networks abroad

by • 2 days ago

The U.S. wants to stop countries in the Western Balkans from buying potentially compromised Chinese infrastructure.

Tech contractor for National Nuclear Security Administration says it is investigating systems hack

by and • 2 days ago

A DOE spokesperson says ‘no evidence’ that government data was compromised in the breach.

US, UK forge emerging technology R&D partnership

by • 5 days ago

AI, quantum computers and batteries are high on the list of technologies the two countries hope to maintain an advantage over foreign adversaries in.

Delayed DHS biometrics system’s risk management issues persist

by • 5 days ago

GAO says acquisition practices for the new system, HART, must also be improved.

White House launches artificial intelligence task force

by • 5 days ago

The new committee will decide on measures to boost computational resources for AI researchers and science students.

OMB and agencies to enforce executive order undoing TikTok ban

by • 1 week ago

Agencies must abolish the entities created by the Trump administration's three prior related orders.

Senate passes bill to limit China tech influence

by • 1 week ago

China-specific provisions would prevent federal employees from downloading TikTok on government devices.

UK government homepage knocked offline by Fastly glitch

by • 1 week ago

The incident reminds government agencies to have a rapid response plan in place for dealing with such outages.

CISA launches platform to allow hackers to report flaws in federal tech

by • 1 week ago

Agencies will use the shared service to receive security feedback from white-hat hackers around the world.

Ransomware Task Force co-chair says a ban on ransom payments would need to be phased

by • 2 weeks ago

Chris Painter says any such prohibition would likely be accompanied by measures to help cyberattack victims.