Telework is here to stay in the Navy, at least for now

The Navy will cap in-office work at 50 percent, even for vaccinated sailors and civilians.

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DOD grapples with the future of its cyber workforce

by • 2 weeks ago

"I think the divide between the need is growing compared to what we’re able to fulfill. I’m not sure we’re closing the gap, and time is ticking for us to do so," Lt. Gen. Dennis Crall, CIO of the Joint Staff, said during a hearing.

DISA’s Dave Bennett to retire at end of April

by • 3 weeks ago

David Bennett will retire after more than two decades at DOD's information systems agency.

Air Force updates Digital University with new career tracks

by • 2 months ago

The Air Force's Digital University launched new features aimed at making it more accessible to users looking to develop tech skills.

Lack of talent — not organization — plagues CISA, says Jeh Johnson

by • 2 months ago

Recent substantial cyberattacks have lawmakers questioning CISA's place within DHS, but the cyber workforce is the bigger issue, said one former DHS secretary.

DOD names Metz permanent deputy CIO for information enterprise

by • 2 months ago

Danielle Metz will move from acting to permanent deputy chief information officer for information enterprise.

Remote work doesn’t mean the end of discovery sprints

by • 2 months ago

Discovery sprints fail when the team lacks access to buildings, assets and people — the biggest challenge during a pandemic.

Coast Guard adding Wi-Fi to cutters, tablets to command posts

by • 2 months ago

Last year, the Coast Guard declared a "tech revolution." A year later, it's working to pilot Wi-Fi connectivity on two cutters.

Top Army general vows for new cyber talent management system

by • 2 months ago

The Army is working to change the way it does cyber talent management, including different fitness requirements and promotion structures.

Report: CISA hasn’t reached full operating capacity yet

by • 2 months ago

Until the agency finishes 57 planned organizational changes, it will remain "difficult" for the agency to confront national cyber incidents like the SolarWinds hack, according to GAO.

Machine learning speeding up patent classifications at USPTO

by • 2 months ago

The agency sent its top engineers to Google to be certified in TensorFlow and develop neural network feedback loops for patent examiners to rate algorithms.